Keep Ireland as mayor |

Keep Ireland as mayor

Dear Editor:

I take elections in Aspen very seriously because my vote – and yours as well – really counts given the tiny electorate in which we participate. And no local job is more important than that of mayor.

I think it is great that three individuals are running for what is a generally thankless task involving hard work, minimal pay, and very substantial commitments of time.

That said, however, I’m voting for Mick Ireland. Why? During his previous terms, he’s clearly demonstrated championship of the environment, coupled with an understanding that “volunteer compliance” in the environmental area has its limitations. If government doesn’t impose some public obligations, particularly on its more self-centered citizens, we will all be the worse for it.

Ireland is frequently vilified for not listening to the citizenry; there may have been some truth to that allegation in the past. But during his watch citizen-generated ideas have not only been solicited, but more importantly, the best of them have been implemented — to the benefit of Aspen.

Unlike some of the other candidates running in this election, Ireland has demonstrated that he is not beholden to the real estate industry; he was not shy about challenging the proposals for massive slope-side development that were put forward – just before the economy tanked!

Of the three mayoral candidates, he is the only one who has won the trust of prior election to any public office in our community. I’ve watched a lot of City Council meetings and concluded that Ireland is smart, selfless, and well-prepared. Aspen is very lucky indeed that he’s willing to continue to serve our community!

Alex Biel


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