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Keep Farrell

We are grandparents of two children who entered the Aspen School District in first grade and who now are in high school here. Over the years, we have attended numerous school functions and have met many of their teachers. We have had the opportunity to observe and appreciate the many changes and improvements, both the physical plant and the curriculum, that have taken place under Tom Farrell’s leadership, as well as the top quality of teachers he has assembled.With five children of our own and seven grandchildren scattered in many parts of the country, we have been exposed to many schools, both public and private, and few, if any, compare favorably with the job Tom has done here.We would like to add our voices to those of the many citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley who are urging you to do everything that you can to keep Tom Farrell as superintendent.D.R.C. & Ruth H. BrownAspen

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