Keep Enclave in mind, please |

Keep Enclave in mind, please

We are part-time residents of Snowmass Village, living at Enclave 204. Whenever we are in town we attend planning meetings and are very enthusiastic about the future of our community. You have all made a huge commitment in terms of time and effort on our behalf and we certainly appreciate your dedication. We thank you.

We also know you, along with Intrawest and the Aspen Skiing Co., have the insight and expertise that we are lacking. We support you wholeheartedly in this huge undertaking. After attending the recent meeting on March 10 we were, however, concerned about the buildings closest to the Enclave (Buildings 10, 12 and 13).

One reason is that we will lose a beautiful view of the mountains, a view that we have loved since buying our condo in 1986.

The sunrise and sunset on those mountains paint magnificent pictures for us. Although we realize that every foot of space is critical to the success of this venture, we feel strongly that the height and mass of these proposed buildings will be a detriment to Enclave owners as well as to those in neighboring facilities.

We also suspect that buildings across Assay Hill would lose views of Mt. Daly, which would be a real shame. In our opinion, the proposed buildings will infringe too much on the Assay Hill terrain.

We realize you are dealing with so many decisions and we do not want to further overload you. However, we also know you are very sensitive to the opinions and feelings of concerned Snowmass “family.”

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We thank you for listening to us and look forward to following the progress of the Base Village.

Mikey and Marty Lustberg

Enclave 204, Snowmass Village