Keep Curry in office |

Keep Curry in office

Dear Editor:

I have served 20 years on the Crested Butte Town Council including six as mayor and during that time I have met many different office holders from the local level to state senators and representatives, five U.S. senators, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and President Carter. Kathleen Curry ranks up there with all of them in intelligence, knowledge of issues, a willingness to serve her constituents, and the fortitude to take on issues and do what is right.

Her knowledge of water issues alone, so important to the citizens of this house district, should cause every person in it to vote for her.

Her independence should be honored in a time when partisan politics become uglier by the minute and increasingly serves only the extreme wings of either party. The voters of this district consider themselves independent and Kathleen Curry represents this spirit.

Her courage in bringing forth a well-reasoned, compromise rafting bill to the floor of the house and passing it at that level impressed me strongly this past year. She took an issue that needed to be addressed but every politician in this state had danced around forever in fear of offending one side or the other. Bravo.

Her past service was thought so highly by both parties that she ran unopposed in the last election. And now both parties have run out far inferior candidates since she is running as an independent.

A politically appointed judge has said she cannot be on the ballot because our small minds out here in Western Colorado might be confused by three names on the ballot. What a load of crap and a disservice to democracy.

I urge you to join me in writing in the name of Kathleen Curry in House District # 61.

Jim Schmidt

Crested Butte

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