Keep Curry in office |

Keep Curry in office

Dear Editor:

Kathleen Curry is exactly the sort of leader Colorado – especially western Colorado – needs right now. Independent of the divisiveness that too often dominates partisan politics, state Rep. Curry focuses on issues and on finding solutions.

An expert leader in protecting our precious water resources, supporting agriculture, preserving natural landscapes, and maintaining the health of our communities, Kathleen Curry truly represents our region.

With a focus on people rather than on politics, on consensus solutions rather than on partisan gamesmanship, on leadership rather than on beating someone, Kathleen Curry represents the civic values that true Coloradans embrace.

Now, of all times, Colorado needs this sort of leadership – positive, experienced, engaged, forward-thinking. That leadership is what Kathleen Curry has provided us so far. It is the leadership we need to support now.

Remember, a write-in vote for Kathleen Curry is a vote for the values of western Colorado.

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Steve Smith

Glenwood Springs

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