Keep C’dale charming |

Keep C’dale charming

Dear Editor:

We visit the Roaring Fork Valley regularly and were dismayed to realize that the town is once again considering a mall-like development along the entrance to town.

Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, we have continually witnessed the destruction of open space and potential agricultural land for the next strip mall, or set of condos, or fast-food joint or traffic-inducing big store. With those things come trash, air pollution and noise.

We have always found respite in the quiet, artistic community of Carbondale, with its superb restaurants and artistic settings and fairs. Building this overindulgent development will rob the most unique community we know of its identity and potential as a model for future, sustainable growth. Yours is a community ripe for greenhouse food production, investing in more solar energy and recreation models and attracting businesses that fit the new world economy.

You have both youth and retirees to create a balanced sense of community. Why tax them for the developer’s need for a roundabout and access? Why alienate a community by making it pay more for groceries and medicine over the next 20 or 30 years? If a developer cannot afford his responsibilities for traffic amenities, then the project is not viable.

I have worked as an engineering consultant for 60 years and have never witnessed a PIF tax; this is a strong indicator, a real “red flag” that the development cannot stand on its own and that its proposed tax revenues for the town are suspicious. As there are no committed retailers coming in aside from a transplanted grocery store (which will now be completely disjointed from the heart of the town), claiming that the needed tax income for the town will be forthcoming is inaccurate at best.

Why revisit this tired battle? Why mess with perfection? You owe yourselves better.

H.A. Passanisi

San Mateo, Calif.

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