Keep Carbondale unique, vote no on development |

Keep Carbondale unique, vote no on development

Dear Editor:

The one thing fundamentally wrong with the Village at Crystal River Marketplace slated for the open space on the Highway 133 entrance to Carbondale that has yet to be addressed sufficiently by its promoters is that it does not fit the character of this small town. People come to Carbondale to enjoy the art, the fabulous downtown hospitality, the Third Street Center, our great restaurants and much more. Our downtown is thriving; just look at the traffic that goes through there on a daily basis.

Village proponents claim that Carbondale needs the money. I say to them, “Yes, we need the money, but we need character more.” It’s what makes Carbondale, Carbondale. Throwing into the mix a strip mall that every other town has will make us just like “them.”

Help keep Carbondale’s character and vote no on the proposal at the end of this month.

Mark Burrows


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