Keep bonfire burning |

Keep bonfire burning

Dear Editor:

So Mayor Mick has a burning to desire to douse the flames of the community hearth? While I totally understand his position, and support most of the environmentally sound principles he and the city of Aspen expound, this is one “vanity bonfire” that I think should keep burning.

Until major developments are made and instituted to meet the demands of our society, we will remain a culture that is dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. Rather than pretending that this is not the case, what more noble expenditure of our limited resources is there than the encouraging of community fellowship?

Let us stand around the hearth and debate its value and ponder on ways to reduce our carbon footprint in meaningful ways. Releasing 91?2 pounds of “C” in this fashion gets a definite “A” in my book.

Mike Monroney


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