Keep Aspen real with good deal |

Keep Aspen real with good deal

Dear Editor: You know the old saying, “You won’t miss it ’til it’s gone”?Well that’s exactly what the vote on the Aspen Historical Society on Nov. 1 is about. I won’t go into the inherent value of preserving and honoring a community’s past for the purpose of sharing it with present and future generations. Because as we all know, that is exactly what creates the foundation for any “real” community. Help keep Aspen “real” and vote YES on 5D, 5E and 5F. It will be a vote for the past, present and future of Aspen. It’s sort of a three-for-one deal. And in Aspen, we all love a deal, don’t we?R.J. Gallagher Jr.Owner, 106-year-old VictorianAspen

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