Keep Aspen great with Mick |

Keep Aspen great with Mick

Dear Editor:Hopefully, voters understand that Tim Semrau’s distorting and misleading personal attacks on Mick Ireland are a reflection of Tim much more than they are of Mick.Throughout this entire campaign, Tim has attacked Mick by questioning his personality and making false statements about Mick’s record as a public servant. It began at Tim’s announcement party at Jimmy’s bar, where he called Mick a “career politician.” Those Swift Boat tactics, those attempts to characterize Mick as something he is not, have evolved into the latest accusations by Semrau and his paid helper Vince Lahey that Mick hates the rich and that he will put a chokehold on all development.In the meantime, Mick has avoided personal attacks, and he has kept his discourse focused on the issues. Mick has talked about the environment and challenged us to make ourselves into a model community in the effort to reverse global warming. He has promised to use the housing fund to build more housing and to make the existing stock more environmentally sound. And he has promised to protect the zone district around the post office that is home to so many of those small businesses that serve the needs of residents and visitors alike. Semrau has proposed turning that area into another boutique retail zone.As a reporter and editor at The Aspen Times, I followed Mick’s career closely for more than eight years. During that time, he has proven to be a thoughtful and considerate public servant, the kind who is willing to listen to both sides of an issue before making up his mind. But he’s not easy on developers. He is the only candidate for mayor who will give major development applications the scrutiny they deserve. And, he’s the only one willing to require developers to pay for the impacts of their projects. Doesn’t Aspen want a mayor with the courage to challenge highly paid attorneys and land-use consultants who are out to convince us that bigger is better and any profit less than the pot at the end of the rainbow is not enough?Mick loves Aspen, and all of the people who call it home. He’s not here to make a buck – he’s here to live his life. He wants to keep Aspen great. His campaign is the only one that is talking about how we can make a better future for Aspen. That’s why I volunteered to help him.The choice is obvious: Mick for mayor! And if you need more information about Mick, log on to HarveyCarbondale

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