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Keep an open mind

Dear Editor:

I was dismayed to read articles in the local newspapers recently regarding the arrest on suspicion of sexual impropriety of Steven Roger, a local yoga and pilates teacher. At the end of the first article that was published last Saturday (“Aspen yoga instructor arrested on suspicion of sexual assault,” Jan. 10), the Aspen Police Department asks for information from anyone who has similar information. As is sometimes the case, it seems that a person is accused and tried in the media.

I just want to say that my experience was utterly opposite. I have known Steven Roger since he first came to the valley. We were employed at the same health club over a period of several years. I studied with Steve in daily classes and also in a teacher’s training workshop which took place over three months. Steve was a passionate and enthusiastic teacher and a devoted and loving fiance to his now-wife, Julie. In all this time, not a single word of impropriety of any kind reached my ears or was exhibited in class.

Obviously I cannot speak to the situations under investigation as I was not present. However, my request to your readers and the members of our community is to keep an open mind until Steve gets his day in court. His reputation is going to take enough of a beating as it is with these kind of charges on the record. Thank you.

Carolyn Miller


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