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KDNK’s budget crisis

Red Alert! There’s a valuable community institution in need of help. We published a letter to the editor and a short story Friday about KDNK, the public radio station in Carbondale, having to cut spending and say goodbye to its longtime music director because of a budget crunch.

We’re not sure yet what led to the crisis, but it looks on the face of it that the KDNK board was spending a bit beyond its means. It also appears, however, that the board is tightening up the ship with some difficult but sorely needed decisions. As KDNK listeners, we hope and trust that board members can balance the budget and iron out whatever problems led to this fiscal crisis. They owe it to themselves, their staff and their valleywide audience.

That said, we don’t even want to imagine a valley without KDNK, which not only reflects its home base of Carbondale, but also represents the kind of local color that seems to fade a little bit with each passing year and each new acre of high-priced pavement. KDNK, with programming for everyone from cowboys to news junkies to mosh-pit maniacs, is a torchbearer of grass-roots community spirit.

Whether you prefer crunching guitar, tenor sax or north African oud, you can find it on KDNK, as long as you’re willing to tune in at the right hour of the day or night. It’s a gleeful gumbo of sound, served up by local music lovers and personalities, that always includes something novel and fresh.

They may have had some trouble balancing the budget but they run one hell of a local radio station. So we think it’s time to lend them a hand. Next month, KDNK will launch its winter fund drive (they have two a year, with another in the fall), during which it will raise most of its operating revenue. Wouldn’t it be great if this winter 2004 campaign could be the station’s most successful ever? Let’s all dig a little deeper this March, and help KDNK keep the beat.