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KDNK connects the community

Dear Editor:

I have listened to public radio for over 25 years (and rarely commercial radio, and never by choice!) Before moving to the valley, I made art in my loft in Boston. Early in my 20s I’d shared a studio with another artist who listened to WBUR and I was hooked to all of its programming. I was young and learned more about my community from the radio than from my daily experience … my scope was widely broadened. Making art is typically a solitary pursuit, but public radio becomes an intimate connection … you know the hosts from afar, you revel in the stories they tell and the regular programming, and you thank them for their eclectic choice in music.

Today, living in Carbondale for the last 10 years and in the Roaring Fork Valley a total of 18, I found my public radio home to be KDNK. I love knowing the radio hosts personally! They are warm, funny, engaging, informative and I find myself smiling as I listen. They make me feel included in the conversation. They are characters and real people all wrapped into one. That is what makes KDNK special to me. I can continue to listen to the public radio programming that I’ve come to love as well as feel deeply connected to the hosts and their commitment and gift for gab. There is such a trust in that KDNK community … they all work so hard to bring us uninterrupted public radio … it’s all fresh and organic … no “chemicals or pesticides,” which is how I see commercial radio.

I give to KDNK monthly through a debit to my credit card. I feel good knowing that they will never miss a month, that I can afford the smaller monthly amount that grows into a nice gift in 12 months. I’ve been doing this for about eight years and have no plan to stop. They call it “a sustainable gift” and it is more than that, because if they had more people gifting them monthly, they could know what to expect in their coffers and plan … and planning allows you to grow, not just sustain. Help Grow KDNK … and keep them “Organic and Healthy.” It is for all of us!

Nina Pedersen


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