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Karma and the kettle

I have observed that there are many axioms expressing the same concept.Among them are: You reap what you sow. What goes around come around, the pot calling the kettle black? Karma. Or as the Beatles put it, “the love you get is equal to the love give.” The golden rule: do onto others, as you would have them do onto you.These thoughts were brought to mind with the recent letters to the editor defending M&M. It seems odd to me that when someone comes out shooting from the hip (maybe a conclusion was made before the facts were even looked at) that perhaps they shot themselves in the foot. The manner in which M&M proceeded invited the reaction from the community. To then somehow claim the moral high ground smacks of revisionist history. If negative energy is spewed negative energy comes back at you. A researcher must be careful not to draw conclusions prior to starting research. It only blinds the researcher and dooms the product of that research.It appears that round three is upon the community. Round one was won by M&M – a blind side attack always wins the first round. Round two was the outpouring of public support for Tom Farrell – fueled by the negative forces unleashed in the blind side attack of round one. Now round three appears to be the claiming of the high ground. Strange how the high ground is claimed from the swamp. Sorry I just could not resist that.The full page add “A Wake-Up Call” has indications that the research is not necessary, because the conclusion has already reached by CARE. They claim that the records from the school district should serve as a wake-up call. Additionally the inflammatory phrase “He got caught” concludes that there was something wrong with his attendance record. A non-biased read would be that in the absence of such records Superintendent Farrell is attempting to provide this information. To conclude that he got caught is an assumption of facts not in evidence. I’m not a lawyer but I do study an issue before I make a conclusion.Let us all ascend to the high ground. The level that this issue is being discussed is too low now. Let us all take a deep breath and look at the facts. I challenge CARE to study the information they are now in possession of and be open to drawing a conclusion based upon those facts. It is obvious to all that CARE wants to get rid of Tom. CARE should put aside their preconceptions and analyze the facts. If there are shortcomings and areas where change is needed let them make recommendations in a constructive manner. Making inflammatory statements only polarizes the issue and forces the other side (whatever that is) into a defensive attitude. If change is needed it is best accomplished with an attitude of cooperation and with a common goal.This whole issue reminds me of a research project I was involved in while politically involved in college. I was active with MPIRG (Minnesota Public Interest Research Group) at the University of Minnesota. We instructed our staff to research the food services at the U of M. We thought that prices were too high and the nutritional content of the food was too low. We did a financial audit of the food services. We also analyzed the food product. To our surprise we were wrong. The students at the U of M were getting a great value for nutritional food. We called a press conference (as we always did to announce our research results) and the local television stations showed up. Believe it or not a good news story came from our research. To this day I remember the good feeling of being able to give some good news.Remember there is Karma in this world.Ward HauensteinAspen

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