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KAJX is loud and clear

Dear Editor:After at least six months of hiss and static, I am pleased to report that KAJX, Aspen Public Radio, is once again coming in loud and clear in all parts of Carbondale on 88.9 FM. It has been a long and lonely wait. We “blew up our television” some time ago and rely solely on public radio, a left-leaning news magazine, Scrabble, and gossip and innuendo for our in-home news, information and entertainment. Oh, how we missed “All Things Considered,” “Prairie Home Companion,” “Fresh Air” and “E Town,” among other great programs and local news. We’re so happy you’re back KAJX! Cheers to many crisp, clear, informative broadcasts!Pat BinghamCarbondaleP.S. – KDNK is also coming in more clearly than ever as a result of the recent translator/tower upgrades.