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KAJX comes close

Aspen Times Staff Report

Aspen’s public radio station “got very, very close” to meeting its $35,000 goal in last week’s fund-raising drive, the station’s manager said Monday.

Although he did not have a “final tally” in hand yet, Tom Eirman, manager of station KAJX in Aspen, said he is hopeful that when all the checks and pledges finish coming in, the goal will have been met.

As of Monday, he said, the total stood at “about $34,000 in checks and pledges,” and “we still have some things coming in the mail.

“This is probably the shortest fund drive we’ve ever had,” Eirman continued, noting that the station cut two days off the planned 10-day drive thanks to listener reaction to an early-pledge plea, and money raised in a “CD swap” event preceding the drive itself.

The seven-day drive ended the evening of Aug. 20, and the station has aired numerous expressions of gratitude to its supporters since.

The station will not hold another fund-raising drive until the wintertime, Eirman said.

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