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Ka-ching or bust?

Dear Editor:Andy Stone muses about Aspen going from a community to a resort town to a slot machine (“The wheels are spinning,” June 28). “Pulling the handle and spinning the wheel” is all about compulsion, the need to keep winning no matter what. We think our town is so unique, but if what Stone says is true, then Aspen is well on its way to becoming a mini-clone of Las Vegas, where it’s either happy hour or fear and loathing – depending on the luck of the draw. If you’re winning, you try to win more. If you’re losing, you wait till you begin winning again. And you’re not so interested in the activity itself, nor its community context; your sole intent is being the winner.But a community that views ordinary life as “the game” ends up spinning its wheels, and a city that glorified winning at all cost gets more and more losers. So, what gets lost if Aspen morphs into a slot machine for big-buck conglomerates? The human face and sacred space where many of us feel at home.Joel BrenceAspen

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