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Justice served

Dear Editor:Congratulations to our Aspen City Manager, Mr. Steve Barwick, for the immediate recent termination of Aspen police officer Melinda Calvano. It does not seem like such a difficult decision! When Ms. Carol Alexy was approached in a dark alley at 1 a.m. by Officer Calvano, there were probably no other civilian witnesses around to observe the excessive use of force displayed by this police officer – a situation that can likely be very dangerous.Justice has not been officially served and I’m sure the damage could be long range, after reading about the incident a couple of months ago in the Denver Post. If I were a licensed attorney in the State of Colorado fresh out of law school, I’d be tracking Ms. Carol Alexy down like an attorney chasing down an ambulance driver, to help her renew her damaged character and self respect. I happen to know this 63-year-old long-time local of Aspen, and feel deeply that her constitutional rights as an American citizen have been violated tremendously.When the Aspen Police Department made a huge error in judgment by hiring an unqualified and incompetent officer to serve and protect the citizens of Aspen, then they should have to pay the consequences. Which I will guess and say is going to be a large sum of money against their next year’s fiscal budget, after this extreme case of civil servant disobedience is resolved. It shall also play a precedent in instilling the sanctioned oath of office required by other policeman on the force that feel the notion, that they could be above the law.The 27 Amendments to the Constitution of the United States that guide our laws in this country, are guaranteed to each and every citizen. Because you wear a blue uniform and carry a radio, badge and gun, you don’t have the communist right to disallow someone else’s due process. Occasionally the men and women who slip into law enforcement, have a low self esteem and a dysfunctional attitude against their fellow man, their neurotic need for the feeling of power has to be reinforced periodically.You have my total support, Ms. Carol Alexy! And if anyone ever sees me in the future retrieving something from a dumpster, that I may have previously thrown away, please don’t call the police.Jeff KeyAspen


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