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Justice has two sides

Dear Editor:Mr. Doug Weiser in his letter of Nov. 21, questioned the propriety of permitting the presentation in local high schools of a program by a group called Wheels of Justice. He wrote that they conveyed “a dual message of protesting the Iraqi war and advocating a Palestinian perspective …”You captioned the letter, “Where was the alternative perspective?” I think the answer is that “alternative perspective” is the accepted perspective. It is the administration’s perspective concerning both the Iraq war and the Israeli/Palestinian struggle. The news media covers what it is allowed to cover of the Iraq war from its imbedded positions in the military and as much as it is willing to spend to cover while it concentrates on its 20-30 percent profits at home. It spends very little time or money on the Israel/Palestine conflict. The Palestinian human-bomb attacks on Israel are reported, and the guided-missile attacks and the pinpointed-assassination attacks on Palestine are reported, but the everyday, day-by-day occupation of the West Bank is largely ignored. Palestinians suffer attacks from Israeli settlers. Palestinian land (farms, houses, orchards) is confiscated or bulldozed as punishment for being related to a bomber. Illegal settlements are continuously being extended on Palestinian land. The isolation wall is being built not on the Green Line, the internationally accepted dividing border between Israel and Palestine, but on confiscated land inside Palestine.The struggle between these two peoples is not an even struggle. Negotiations between them are not fair. Israel has tremendous support from the United States, both from the government and from private citizens. Israel has a powerful military. Palestine is a very poor country with no military. Peace negotiations between these two are a travesty. Israel withdrew its settlers from Gaza, but it took months of work by former World Bank President James Wolfensohn and hours of time by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to get the Israelis to open the gates of what had become a “prison” for Gazans so they could engage the rest of the world. This is what Wheels of Justice is trying to make known. Yes, as Mr. Weiser wrote, “Wheels of Justice presents a biased view of the Israel/Palestine conflict.” I think it is biased more in favor of the Palestinians than it is anti-Israel. The roots of the struggle lie deep in the past. Each side believes it has a rightful claim to all of Palestine. Should the stronger party take everything? Does might make right? Only a truly honest broker with real power and a commitment to justice can, with a sincere desire of the two parties for peace, bring this conflict to an end.My bias is toward the cause of the Palestinians. I wonder what Mr. Weiser’s is. He wrote that “Wheels of Justice is closely aligned with several organizations that justify terrorism, and is often represented by speakers who are committed to anything but peace and justice in the Middle East.” These are serious accusations. Can Mr. Weiser back them up with names and facts?Peter LarroweEl Jebel

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