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Justice and Israel

Dear Editor:

Words like “criminal, unacceptable, slaughter, atrocities” and my favorite, “disproportionate,” have been used to describe Israel’s appropriate military response to Hamas aggression and rocket attacks. Even a few Jews from Israel and Carbondale, who would have us believe that Israel was unprovoked and is unjustified in exercising their will in their land, have used them. They decry Israel’s sovereignty and obligation to defend its citizens.

Don’t be fooled by this shallow masking of anti-Semitism. Their arguments using the above words can literally be dismissed out of hand. These people, along with anti-Israeli “experts,” will claim special insight and congratulate each other for being more educated and nuanced than us.

Don’t ever mistake educated for smart or nuanced for ethical. What they espouse would only further Hamas’ terrorist aggression and support the genocide of the Jews: the stated goal of Hamas. Theirs is eerily similar to sentiment that became prevalent in Germany in the early 1900s.

Israel not only has the right but the responsibility to respond to terrorism this way.

When the anti-Israel crowd cries “disproportionate!” their naivete betrays their true agenda. If proportionality were the goal of defense and justice, then we would simply meter justice for robbery by stealing from the robber! How absurd! Justice requires punishment and deterrence.

Finally, the anti-Israeli crowd betrays their true agenda with their deafening silence in defense of the nearly 3,300 innocent unborn babies killed per day in the U.S. alone by abortion. Their agenda is not a concern for “innocence” but a disdain for the sovereign state of Israel and its citizens.

You see, if they were truly concerned with “crimes, slaughter and atrocities,” these newspapers would be filled with letters by people who are “mad as hell” about the killing of the innocent unborn.

Brendon Bolton

Glenwood Springs

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