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Just want peace and quiet

Dear Editor:We wish to respond to the letter from Scott Martin and Katherine Sand regarding the Skico’s proposals for renovation of the Holiday House. First, it’s difficult to believe that they were present at last Monday’s council hearing, for no one said anything remotely like the quotes in their letter. It’s easy to throw a charge of NIMBY if one wants to make a point, but it’s not quite fair to make up quotes and then make charges against those who supposedly uttered the things attributed to them by persons with their own agendas.Many close neighbors of the Holiday House pointed out that they have lived adjacent to employee housing since the Skico bought the Holiday House and turned it into employee housing in 1986. No one proposes that this space be used for any other purpose and no one said “not on my block,” or any of the other things that Martin and Sand suggest were said. What we did say, unanimously, was that we wish to see a building that fits the neighborhood and that is not, as a member of the Skico team put it at another meeting, “crammed with as many bodies as possible.” Concerns about past behavior of Skico employees were indeed raised. If behavior were not a recognized concern it is doubtful that the Skico would have brought to the meeting their directors of housing and of human resources to reassure neighbors that law and order would be observed. It is very true that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and we can’t think that Martin and Sand want drug dealing and all-night parties in the Holiday House any more than we do. The neighbors have invested heavily in their Aspen lives and homes, and are requesting no more than respect for their rights to enjoy a tranquil and peaceful neighborhood. This in no way excludes vitality, but sometime vitality and energy get out of hand and can become difficult to deal with at 3 a.m. when one lives directly across the alley from a noisy all-night party. May we say in closing that it’s easy to advocate a large housing project when one does not live directly in front of, behind, or adjacent to the proposed housing. Jane ErbCottonwoods Condominium Homeowners AssociationAspen