Just vote

Dear Editor:

There are many reasons not to vote. The relentless political ads filled with negativity. Annoying phone calls. The billions of dollars spent on campaigning. Or maybe as a silent way to protest the system.

Whatever your reason is not to vote, there are even more reasons to vote. The environment, economy, education, freedoms, rights, government morality the list goes on and on. It is up to you to determine what is important to you, the community and the state. So get educated on the candidates and amendments that will best serve what you believe in.

For me, the driving factor is the environment with a capital “E.” Not only do I think this is the most important issue we will face, I think it is an issue that will unite all walks of life and fix many of the other things we call problems, such as the economy and education. If we can unite as people who care for the land that supports us, then we can create a thriving economy that creates jobs. These jobs will require educated people who think critically, creatively and scientifically to design and implement more efficient ways to produce energy and live sustainably as well as elected officials and companies that are transparent and responsible for their actions.

For this reason, all of my votes land Democratic. In a swing state such as Colorado, our presidential vote will matter, and although a vote for Obama is not the best for the environment, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the environmental destruction Mitt Romney will impose on my generation and future generations to come. The Garfield county commissioner might be the most important election in which a vote for Aleks Briedis and Sonja Linman is invaluable to the protection of Thompson Divide from oil and gas drilling, which recently had two applications for permission to Drill by SG Interests. And by voting “yes” on Garfield County question 1A, we can enhance land conservation.

If we want to protect the beautiful state we live in and create a world where our children and future generations can drink the water and breathe the air, then please vote for the representatives who will make this happen. These are my views and the reasons that drive me to vote the way I am. I hope you will find the driving force to vote for what you find to be the best interest of the community and the people.

Just keep in mind that nothing else will matter if we don’t have clean water to drink, air to breathe and land for farming and wild animals. I am more than happy to further discuss this upcoming election and the environmental impacts with anyone and can be reached by email at

Now vote already, would you?

A.J. Hobbs