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Just one more fly

Janet Urquhart
Aspen, CO Colorado

Some days, a little voice inside my head whispers “just one more fish.” These are the days when I’ve caught plenty, and should have left the river already, but I’m greedily hoping for just one more.

Then, there are days like Friday, when I needed to get back to work, but the little voice in my head kept saying, “just one more fly.” These are the days when I’m catching little or nothing, but I’m convinced the next fly I try will do the trick. It didn’t.

Now, with the days whittling down to a few midday hours when it’s pleasant enough to stand in the cold water, and the shallows ready to hide beneath a mantle of ice one of these mornings, the little voice in my head whispers, “just one more month.”

I’d trade bountiful early season snow for a few more weeks of balmy lunch hours when the trout dart to snatch the submerged nymph on the end of my line and then dance across the water as though they were giddy with spring fever ” the way the sole brown I caught on Friday did.

It occurred to me then that I could make a point of fishing all winter ” getting out at least one day each month so I could boast fishing during each month of the year, the way some people seek out slushy high-country leftovers in July and August to make a few turns, just so they can say they skied every month of the year. Of course, there’s that guy who skis every day of the year, but I don’t want to be weird about it.

Since it’s already November, I can cross this month off my list. I began fishing last March, so I only need to log days on the river in December, January and Febru­ary to reach my goal of fishing for 12 straight months, though it won’t be a calendar year.

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December and January are the tough ones ” the coldest months of the year, when measures must be taken to keep the line from freezing up in the guides, and a whole other set of wading apparel is advisable, not to mention special gloves to handle trout in the frigid water.

I think I’ll just stand on the bank and try to avoid catching any fish. That shouldn’t be a problem, so long as I resist the urge to try just one more fly.

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