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Just git

Dear Editor:

Regarding the B-actors going out of bounds below Walsh’s (“Celebs duck rope, head waaay downhill,” March 11): This is not an amusement park. You’re the irresponsible liars. (Quoting Larry Miller, “I think it’s highly irresponsible for [Skico] not to barricade that area.”) Not one of you noticed the bright yellow rope? Quit lying, and you’re lucky to leave with your lives in that “terrain trap.”

You want a barricade at the bottom of Walsh’s. (I bet your hypocritical enviro views are against barricades, concrete, petroleum and the means that got you to Aspen.) With the exception of Holly­weird, most humans are responsible for their own actions. Now it’s time for you to git … your barricaded concrete jungles are awaiting!

Tom Anderson

Aspen Village