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Just fooling yourselves

“Lay not that flattering unction to your soul.” So says Hamlet, and certainly wise words for “peace” activists who have a long record of self-congratulatingly beating the drum of human “rights” and simultaneously turning a blind eye to the slaughter and suffering of millions – in places from Ukraine to Cambodia to (you guessed it) Iraq.

First up is Sue Gray. She’s of course exasperated with all the “Fox News” drones out there who simply haven’t bought her Chicken Little version of events thus far. So exasperated, in fact, that she’s not even reading her Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets all that carefully: “As if the killing of 30,000 innocent Iraqis, and maiming of many thousands more that occurred as a result of the war were any less terrible than the deaths that Saddam caused.”

In point of fact, they are less tragic, and not simply because they came about freeing Iraq of Baathist tyranny. Included in that wholly imaginary figure (according to another darling of the anti-war underground, Ramsey Clark) are Iraqi combatants. In other words, in the eyes of Sue Gray, the thousands upon thousands of Feyadeen militia and Republican Guard who not only helped maintain Hussein’s tyranny, but put 6-year-old girls on the front lines against American tanks, are “innocent Iraqis.”

Gray does no better, of course, in her claim that “10 million college-educated Iraqis” (in a country where, according to UNICEF, literacy rates don’t even reach 60 percent – you figure it out) lead the charge against the American “occupation.” Contrary to Gray’s eloquent assertion that “we’ve got an entire nation of people very pissed off at us, and for good reason,” the only scientific poll performed thus far shows that 70 percent of Iraqis believe that Iraq will end up better off as a result of the U.S.-led war.

In light of all this, I wouldn’t dare suggest that “there is some sinister motive for [Gray’s] compassion for the Iraqi people.” I’m perfectly willing to accept that she speaks from the heart, yet chalk her sentiments up to nothing more and nothing less than someone who simply doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Next, of course, is Calvin Lee, who is equally passionate about the “immorality” of the war against Hussein and equally insistent that it was offensive to a “just and peaceful world.” Lee’s vague platitudes leave less to pick apart, but the import of these messages seems collectively clear: “Hussein was bad. Bush is worse. Leave Iraq now!”

That may be good or may be bad for U.S. interests. But the consequence of such policy would inevitably result in the reinstitution of the Baathists and Hussein, which simply cannot be persuasively argued as better for ordinary Iraqis – whose three decades-long suffering under which is now mocked as “old Baath atrocity scenarios.”

It is abundantly clear, then, that the furious opposition to this war by the RFPC has nothing to do with concern for Iraqis and everything to do with undermining Bush and his ideological vision of the role of the U.S. in foreign affairs. Why not offer an honest argument than wrap yourself in the metaphorical flag of “peace” and human rights? The only people you are fooling are yourselves.

Jay Pate

Snowmass Village

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