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Just feed ’em

Dear Editor:Oh! Our aching hearts!Many Aspenites, for multiple decades, have spent money, time, work and heart on wildlife! This kid’s list has been, Green Peace, Sierra Club, World Wildlife … also, I have written a book called “As Wild as it Gets.”The point is the poignant, screaming, truth: The bears need and deserve a life!To make a long discussion short, I will recite a scenario that has been tried and proven effective and true in various areas! The title of it is, “High Mountain Feeding Stations.” Three years ago, we were informed that Vail supported and created their feeding station four to five miles up in the wilderness away from town and population. Supplies of healthy bear foods and nutrition every other day were transported to the site. Amazing, how the chain of communications works with these great, intelligent animals! Viola! The bears left the village!The powerful Word of the Creator rings clear in Genesis. He created the creatures and commands us to be good stewards of them. If the land does not yield, we must feed!We have three precious cubs in our yard. They are about 4 or 5 weeks old. Mother has been tagged for breaking into our trash shed. She will be killed for feeding her babies. These fine animals deserve a life just as the fine residents here and there deserve and need a life!Come on everyone! Do you want to organize an action group to save wildlife? Choose now, do you want to lean on the Department of Wildlife and local “officials” to become saviors instead of killers? The magic code is high mountain feeding station. Now, do something! It’s a great time to be a different sort of (life saving) model village with a true heart and soul.Barbara StanfordAspen

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