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Just enjoy the snow

Dear Editor:

Thanks so much for all the entertaining articles about carbon credits, etc. I especially like the comment that if we don’t do something we will never have snow like this again. Does anyone remember the winter of 1983-84 and again 1984-85? It snowed from early December, or so, through January. The snow was incredible. In fact, as I recall, TIME Magazine’s cover was about the impending ICE AGE.

So, it seems to me that Mother Nature is playing a trick on most of our country. There is more snow and cold this year than in many years past. I guess what I am saying is, no expert meteorologist or scientist is able to predict global warming or global freezing. Don’t waste so much time on all the other stuff ” just enjoy the best skiing we’ve had in about 20 years! Isn’t that why we live here?

Lorrie B. Winnerman


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