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Just end it

Dear Editor:

I’ve been following the LAM (Lodge at Aspen Mountain) proposed project from two perspectives. One is as a parttime Aspen resident and nearby property owner who will be impacted by this development, and as a developer/builder of high end residential properties. The former perspective speaks to me and shouts “no way” to a project of this scale (either original proposal or reduced proposal). It is overscaled and will create a monumental inconvenience and obstruction to our peaceful use and investment in of our little slice of Aspen. This, of course, is our entirely selfish view of this proposed project. We definitely would rather see the already-approved townhomes built in lieu of the hotel.

The latter (developer) perspective initially speaks to me saying this project will be good for our property value. But after examining all the factors involved, this might be the only positive outcome that will be realized. This, in and of itself, is not an intelligent reason to support this project. Our property values will be protected and appreciate regardless if this project gets built. More importantly, the developer has not been honest in presenting their proposals. They have played the time-tested and typical developer games with the council and residents, and still are getting their consideration.

I think it is time for the new mayor and council to set a precedent for future applicants and reject the Lodge at Aspen Mountain once and for all.

Bill Szymanski