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Just another faux solution

Dear Editor:

Here we go again! Now it is a tramway system to relieve the traffic problems in Aspen and the upper valley. There are so many negative aspects to the idea that it is ridiculous. Per the plan shown in The Aspen Times on April 6, the tram will start at the airport with a hub at Buttermilk and terminate at Rubey Park. Can’t you just see the people that fly into Aspen and don’t have anyone to pick them up carry luggage, skis, etc., to the tram and then what happens at Rubey Park, a shuttle bus? Get real!

I attended a transportation seminar some years ago and it was estimated that 70 percent of visitors drive into Aspen! Do you honestly think a tramway will resolve the traffic problem in Aspen? In March of 1955 I entered Aspen for the first time on the old Aspen Stage bus from the train station in Glenwood Springs and now 54 years later the Castle Creek Bridge and “S” curves are still there! If you are driving out of town past the Hickory House look straight ahead and you will see four lanes of Main Street terminate at Castle Creek. It was originally designed as the Entrance to Aspen by some forward thinking person back in the horse and buggy days and someone in the past had better sense than people do today!

When will the powers that be acknowledge the need for a better Entrance to Aspen and get their heads out of the sand? Several designs have been suggested so why can’t you pick one and get on with it? A four-lane system in and out of Aspen is required and not a pie in the sky tramway. Why doesn’t the City Council check with the car rental companies and see how many cars are rented to access the upper valley and Aspen? Nothing is going to solve the traffic problem unless the people responsible change their stagnated minds and remember that people want their cars! It is going to take years and years before a new Entrance to Aspen is implemented ” maybe by 2050?

Chris Tessem


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