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Just another day in paradise

Dear Editor:What a weekend, huh? I went out to my new Burlingame D place, and did a little more moving in. Great project, great people, this is good stuff. Like most days lately, I had a package waiting. Our mail carrier, Annie, took the extra trouble to deliver it to my door, even though it was Saturday, and our addresses have yet to appear in the USPS database. Only in Aspen, right?Strangely, the day before, the people at the post office had told me this package was returned undeliverable and the USPS website had confirmed its tracking number. Anyway, I found someone at the post office who could really return the package, and queried how something mysterious like that could happen. He said he didn’t know, and the woman who does that job was on vacation. “Doesn’t anyone do her job while she’s gone?””We’re a little short-handed,” he replied. As I headed towards Clark’s, I wondered how many more undeliverable packages there were sitting around.On the way out of Clark’s, I passed Toni and her clipboard, as Bill Stirling approached me. He shook my hand and asked how I was doing. “Do you realize how many hundreds of people’s lives hang on what you’ve started here? How come you don’t speak up and explain that you started those initiatives to stop Burlingame, and why?”He told me he left that to Joe and Dwight, but that he had some issues with them, too. Hmmmm. I then told him I had just won a lottery unit at Burlingame Parcel D. He told me how happy he was for me, and how my project happened “on his watch.”I told him what an incredible sense of fulfillment it had given me, and what a special feeling it was to have after being here for 30-plus years. A nice place to call my own. I told him that everyone should be able to feel this kind of dignity. And isn’t that what Aspen is really about?I then turned to Toni and told her she was not entitled to an Aspen State Teachers College T-shirt, and after a chat with Slats Cabbage, she had been removed from the student body, for high crimes against humanity. And she’s still telling me that those petitions are not against Burlingame, as Bill walks away.Maybe she’s a little bitter because she admittedly didn’t like having to live at Burlingame seasonal housing. But hey, there’s not many choices out there, are there? Just then a guy shouts at me, “How about letting the people decide?””Do you work here? Do you have a business or employees?” I asked.”No,” was the reply. With that, I got in my Hyundai and headed toward my employee housing unit with a smile on my face, because it was “just another beautiful day in paradise.”Bye Hunter, bye Chris, bye Bonnie.Bruce MeyerAspen

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