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Just a pig in a poke

Dear Editor:

A vote in favor of purchasing the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park for $5 million will prolong the problems it supposedly solves.

A “yes” vote will keep the park’s residents in harm’s way from flooding for 10 or 15 more years, prevent the public’s enjoyment of additional riverside parkland and delay solution of the town’s flood threat from the Roaring Fork River.

Passage of the ballot issue will guarantee that park residents continue living in overcrowded conditions in decaying and energy wasting trailers.

As critics have noted, the town will be on the hook for substantial liabilities such as maintaining a sewer system and managing a trailer park with a declining and soon to be negative income.

The council has handed Basalt residents a “take it or leave it” package without holding the public outreach meetings it promised. This “pig in a poke” deserves to be left DOA at Town Hall.

The $4.5 million purchase price for land largely in a flood zone is inflated.

Instead, a plan with a reasonable timeline for relocating park residents, using the help of valley nonprofits, and a decent financial relocation package should be offered.

Voting against this bond and property tax increase will allow time for the new council to engage the public, develop an acceptable solution and be up for vote again in November.

Bernie Grauer



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