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Just a face-lift needed

Dear Editor:Two thumbs up for the two homeowners who are currently funding the opposition to the buildings in the recycle center (Aspen Daily News, Oct. 23). Not only do I praise these people for their energy and efforts to help educate the community on this important issue, but they also have the funds to do it! Compared to the million dollar project proposed, $8800 seems like a small amount to spend .As one of the 700 signers of the petition that now allows us to VOTE NO on Referendum 2C, I want to thank the Friends of the Rio Grande for circulating this petition. Here is a perfect opportunity to stop the erection of buildings. The recycle drop-off site definitely needs a face-lift, not a total makeover and not at the expense of changing the Rio Grande Park forever. In this case, “less is more” in terms of building materials, cost and overall visibility of the recycle center. Let’s construct a “state of the art” recycle center by minimizing what is built and utilize more natural recourses such as earth, trees and landscaping.Debra MooreAspen

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