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Jury deadlocked: No verdict reached in road rage case

Charles Agar
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” A jury of seven could not reach a verdict Thursday after more than seven hours deliberating the civil case stemming from a 2006 road rage incident in Aspen that turned violent.

District Judge James Boyd asked jurors to convene at 8:30 a.m. Friday to look at the evidence with fresh eyes. If jurors cannot come to a decision by midmorning, Boyd could declare a mistrial, he said.

Aspen native Jarrod Hollinger sued Scott Courts for damages, and pain and suffering following the July 2006 incident in which the two nearly collided on Highway 82 at the Entrance to Aspen. Hollinger was hospitalized briefly after Courts sprayed him with mace.

Courts answered Hollinger’s civil case with a countersuit claiming self defense and that Hollinger was the aggressor.

Hollinger and Courts both were arrested on misdemeanor charges following the incident, but charges against Hollinger were dismissed. Courts managed a plea deal and received a deferred sentence on a municipal misdemeanor charge of assault and battery.

The attorneys for both men argued credibility and inconsistencies in the opposing side’s story.

At 7:30 p.m., the deadlocked jurors said they had made progress in the lengthy deliberation Thursday, but were tired and “fried.” Though two jurors told Boyd there was little chance of reaching a unanimous decision even after a night’s sleep, he asked the seven jurors to revisit the evidence Friday.


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