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‘Junk’ not appropriate for Snowmass Village

Dear Editor:

Regarding the article in the July 23 Aspen Times about one developer’s proposal for a fire and outdoor music development in the center of Snowmass Village, stating that “I need this place to be spectacular,” it seems that we may manage to turn this place into a smaller version of Las Vegas after all.

I don’t know about Town Council members, but I’ll bet that most property owners didn’t come here hoping to find something as ablaze and noisy as his fiery trees, fountain, fire circles and constant outdoor music would produce. Of all the proposals to come before the Council, his “Junk” proposal is just that and is totally inconsistent with the family-oriented concept for the village that most owners have approved and worked to create. Don’t the village property owners and visitors have the right to a more peaceful neighborhood?

Obviously, some people come here thinking, “I know just what this place needs” in spite of long-established values. Quality innovation is good, junk is not. It’s a wake-up call that the developer has so aptly named his proposal.

Why is it that the Town Council consistently lacks the ability to say “no” to all elements of such proposals but gives in piece by piece so that it approves the basic concept that they say they didn’t want? Why does the Council seem to feel that whatever Aspen has, Snowmass Village has to try to match or outdo?

If you agree that this proposal is not appropriate for Snowmass Village, let’s give up our reluctance to get involved and tell our representatives what the majority of owners want. Once a junk precedent is established, more junk will follow. We have only to look at our neighbor to see what can happen to a once wonderful place.

Bill Clark


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