June 5, 1909 | AspenTimes.com

June 5, 1909

The Times has no roast to make today on anyone, but it would like to roast the devil out of numerous people. The buckphart who manages Jerome B. Wheeler’s interests asked us here to roast him thinking that it would be an advertisement for him, but in the language of the late Honorable Edward O. Wolcott, “It is a waste of lather to shave an ass,” therefore the Times declines to shave that ass, but all the people of Aspen, outside of a few bohunks, with streaming eyes petition The Times to “roast hell” of this, that and the other man. The Times has no collar on it and can roast anyone who deserves a roast. All Aspen people are going to some kind of a good heaven, notwithstanding Father Servant’s opinion to the contrary. If Dave Brown goes to Hades for not keeping the Cowenhoven tunnel open, who cares? Echo answers, “Who?”

From The Aspen Democrat-Times

One Daily Paper For City Of Aspen

The Aspen Times Plant and Good Will Taken Over by Democrat

Hereafter the People’s Paper Will Be Known As The Aspen Democrat Times (June 6)

Having purchased the Aspen Times paper and newspaper plant and its good will outright without string or attachment of any kind this morning the Aspen Democrat an The Aspen Daily Times come to you under the caption “The Aspen Democrat-Times,” with the assurance that I will be a faithful and conscientious work for the interests of the people of this community.

So far as we are concerned, Aspen is the only place on the map and the Aspen people are the only people on earth. We love you all, and your patronage and favors in the past are heartily and sincerely appreciated, and we state with pleasure that it is the backing of the people of this community in the past that permits us to come before you in this new guise and pen this “little piece.”

No better evidence of our faith in Aspen and its future can be given that the purchase of the Aspen Times plant at this time. We have passed through our greatest period of financial depression and business conditions are everywhere more favorable …

With your hearty co-operation we hope to make the Democrat-Times a better paper than has ever been given this community before; a non-partisan paper and one that stands solely for the greatest good to the greatest number of people. We shall continue our efforts in the interests of the people and the homes of Aspen until the old town assumes its place in the front ranks of the prosperous mining camps of the West – and then we will do more for the people and the homes of Aspen. … The silver industry is son to be more generally recognized as an important business factor in our trade with the Far East and the silver producing districts throughout the entire West will receive the benefit. With silver to the front once more Aspen need not take a back seat for any mining camp in the world.

But silver is not all of it, as we are going to have gold in unlimited quantities right here in Aspen in the immediate future – we have it now. All the to do is uncover it and that will be done.

The policy of the Democrat-Times will be to treat all men alike, allmen equally, all men justly.

Up to date we own no allegiance to any corporation, trust or company – none of theses have any collar on this paper or its editor. The only collar we wear is the one in the interests of the people. There is no whip long enough to be cracked to make this paper squirm, or to bow down to dictation.

Again thanking the people for past patronage and again assuring one and all of our ever readiness to fight in behalf of their interests and welfare, I subscribe myself.

Yours for a Better Aspen,

Charles Dailey

With yesterday morning’s issue the Aspen Times ceased to exist and B. Clark Wheeler retired form the newspaper field, in which he has had a stormy experience almost since the founding of the camp – especially so since taking over the plant at the opening of the last state campaign.

The excitements of a journalistic career no longer appeal to the senator’s peculiar disposition. The editing of a pay-roll and agony engendered in strenuous efforts to make the “ghost walk” was found to be more nerve-racking than training fleas to walk as sedately as the gentle and unsophisticated bed-bug.

The senator has experienced the glories and annoyances incident to the life of a newspaper man and now retires from the field fully satiated. He will now devote his time and energy to the development of his mining interests – and in this line of endeavor, B. Clark is hard to beat. He has demonstrated his ability in this line by developing to the producing stage such mines as the Bushwhacker, Park-Regent, St. Joe and Mineral Farm and Champion-Empire on Smuggler mountain; the Little Annie, Midnight, Iron and Judy mines on Richmond Hill.

Senator Wheeler is now pushing work on the Little Annie mine and mill and it is his expressed purpose to push Famous tunnel to tap the mineral in Richmond hill at great depth as soon as he can make the money necessary to do so, or enlist capitalists in the enterprise.

There is always something doing when the senator is about and especially is this true in mining matters. That he will do things this summer and prevail upon outsiders to come in and do tings now doubts and that his efforts may be crowned with success is the hope and desire of all.

sed on him and he knew that his last hope of freedom was gone, that he was a dead man by his own hands.

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