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June 2004

June 2004

The month begins with the tail end of the revolution that has been going on at a core level of Being for the past couple of weeks and with that great openings to spirituality, visions and dreams, and dissolving of ego barriers to facilitate opening to higher, less personal realms of awareness and consciousness.

As well is the continuation of connecting with old anger from family issues that allows new choices to be made about how you create your family now, with more love and nurturing.

From the 4th to the 11th the Sun meets with Venus and triggers connection and opening to love, value and beauty, and ideas and concepts as well as much thinking and talking about these life qualities and how to grow them. This will be informed and inspired

by your dreams and visions, including ideals for love and romance until the end of the month and beyond. This is also a great time to be into art and the arts. Music, painting, photography and films – do it, see it, watch it, and absorb it.

From the 16th to month’s end you are also challenged to open your heart to love and beauty and with that to heal yourself through forgiving you for mistakes, errors and general screw-ups, releasing regrets and daring to trust that it all is, and was, spectacularly

valuable and worthwhile! (It is, by the way!!) During the same time period you are also being pushed to explore new and unconventional ideas and values and value systems because your are outdated and holding you back – you need to explore and discover bigger

ideas and concepts, bigger space for you to more fully express all of you and your unique Self and special value freely. Take some risks, try some fantasies, break some of those “Oh I could never do that” rules.

This also begins a two-week period of great intensity that can take you into your power and passion or into old deep pains on order to heal and release power and passion. It can also create or attract power plays and mind games so be aware, careful and always honest and integrous.

From the 7th till the 14th your mind is being pushed to open and expand to take in new ideas and information. From the 10th to the 20th it will be really letting in high spiritual ideas along with some

confusion, strange thoughts and dreams. From the 13th to the 18th it is also going very deep, looking for more meaningful answers and clarity about your own mind and your Core Being. From June 23 to 30 you will be making new structures of thinking and communications in your family and home place.

On the 22nd the Sun moves into Cancer for a month getting us focused on issues of home and family, nurturing and our inner female//Yin aspects. This brings with it changes in those areas that will be flowing and your mind will be moving fast and understanding it all.