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July 2004

July 2004

Following from the restructuring of your thinking about home and family from July 1 to 16 you will be going through a core restructuring of yourself in home and family, of how you relate, your rules and boundaries, what you will and will not give, how you participate etc. This all needs to be healing, and done in a mutually agreed context of healing the past to make it all a lot better now.

From July 1 all through to August 25 Venus and Mars are sailing together in a compatible sextile. So you will be having flowing openness to your sexual energy which will likely be quite high as will your creative energy and they will also play out in you most likely

being able to better put your ideas out there as well and to think more constructively about your self, your Self and your place and role in the world. And from July 1 to July 25 this will be heart opening and will

be connected with dreams, ideals and romantic visions and fantasies. That will in turn be a great time to explore sexual fantasies and role-plays. No ideas how? Buy “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday. 😉

July 17 to August 2 things heat up with a lot… and I mean a LOT of added passion that can take you to new heights and depths of sexual power and experience. It can also open you to old deep hurts of betrayal and sexual pains, broken heart and so on. If it does you

will likely understand exactly what is going on and why, and where from the past and in you it is coming so you can bring it to the fore, address it, heal it and make new choices and pathways. This is also time of great personal growth and heart expansion!

All this is happening as you are also healing core issues with family and parents, including past pains and limitations. It is pretty intense!

In all of this there is a mystic rectangle formed in the sky, which operates life a portal, or door, that opens to allow in new Cosmic and magic, mystic energies for you to bring to completion and healing

big, old issues involving passion and power, sex and gender, family and spirituality to be healed and completed. BIG stuff. There are big opportunities and possibilities that you will be guided in, and with.

Just say YES to the Universe! The mystic rectangle exists from the 16th to the 27th.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd, which gets us all more, focused on issues of personal ego and attention, of loyalty, heart issues and issues of the heart. It makes us look at who am I and where in the world am I?