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Judgment favors Aspen baby sitters

Paul Conrad/The Aspen Times

ASPEN – Two baby sitters won judgments in small claims court Wednesday, when a entrepreneur who faces check fraud charges in Aspen and a laundry list of civil suits in his native California, failed to appear.Frommer said Tuesday that he would pay one baby sitter, adding that the other had filled out paperwork incorrectly.”He’s such a joker,” said a frustrated Jennifer Currie, owner of Aspen Baby Sitting Co. “I haven’t heard from anybody. I can’t believe he gets away with telling people he’s paying everyone off.”Currie and Patricia Smyth, a nanny Currie subcontracted from an agency in Boulder, said they just want payment for around-the-clock nanny services Frommer’s family used in December and January.Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely awarded Smyth a judgment of $7,500 – the maximum in small claims court – and Currie $3,449 (both with additional court fees).

Frommer was not available for comment after Wednesday’s judgments.Curry and Smyth charged from $25 to $30 per hour, with a slight discount for sleeping time.”I’ve never had a family ask for that,” Curry said of the intensive, around-the-clock baby-sitting, and both received checks that bounced. Curry received partial payment in cash but eventually gave up.”We’re court buddies,” Smyth joked. Both also plan to take action against the Boulder agency that hired Smyth: Currie because she paid the agency, Professional Nannies of the Rockies, a finder’s fee on checks from Frommer that bounced, and Smyth because the agency retains her on contract but has not given her another job since.”Do I expect to be repaid?” Currie asked. “No … but there’s a chance I could get in line for restitution.”Show me the money

“It was some validation and a little closure,” Currie said, but both women find the prospect of collecting from Frommer, who allegedly owes California investors millions, daunting.”You know it’s going to be a hard collection process,” Fernandez-Ely warned, explaining the next steps: bringing Frommer to court so he can prove his financial status, then garnishing his wages or repossessing assets. If Frommer fails to appear, Fernandez-Ely will issue a bench warrant.Frommer failed to appear for a debtor’s examination in Van Nuys, Calif., last week, citing the weather in Aspen as the reason. But a California judge issued a bench warrant with a $100,000 bond.Hot on his trail”Peter never appears for civil or small claims,” said Peggy McGinn, a California court mediator who has been hot on his trail since last spring when, she said, he bilked her out of $25,000.

He paid her back only when she obtained a permit to gather in front of his Malibu home during a large party and brought in protesters with signs, she said.”There is no restraining order against Peter Frommer,” McGinn said, adding a restraining order would not prevent Frommer from simply sending a check to his creditors.McGinn said Frommer follows a pattern with creditors: He writes a check for the total amount, then stops payment. Next, he issues another check that bounces before going silent, or paying a small amount in cash to string creditors along.”I’m a loud barker,” McGinn said. And she is using the money Frommer repaid her and her husband, Darcy, to mount a personal campaign on behalf of 14 families that lost money to Frommer.Monday, she was in Aspen for Frommer’s court appearance and wants him to know she’s on his heels. She won’t stop until he is “in jail, incarcerated or brought to justice,” she said.Charles Agar’s e-mail address is cagar@aspentimes.com.

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