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Judge proposal on its merits

Dear Editor:

It was a good time watching the pep rally for Michael Fox and the Aspen Club at City Council the other night. It would appear there are many friends of the Club out there.

Interestingly, none of the public comments addressed the public value or necessity of building 30 or so new fractional and residential units at the end of Ute Avenue. They spoke only in glowing terms of the Club itself. In fact, even the developers spent most of their time only in explaining their efforts to mitigate the adverse consequences of the proposal.

Let’s hope, in the final vote, council will be persuaded not by a well-intentioned inclination to help Michael and the Club, but by assessing the value of the development itself, its necessity, impact on traffic and neighborhood, consequences of establishing precedent and unforeseen club ownerships down the line.

Everett Peirce