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Judge OKs charges against Aspen Village man

Staff report

An Aspen Village man will stand trial on charges of burglary, attempted burglary and attempted criminal trespassing for allegedly breaking into a home in Old Snowmass last fall and trying to break into another, a District Court judge ruled Thursday.

William Hallisey, 60, showed up at both homes in October shirtless and drinking a beer with a bleeding cut over his eye, according to police reports and testimony at his preliminary hearing.

He told a ranch manager at a home on Snowmass Creek Road that he wanted to buy the property. When the manager asked Hallisey to leave, Hallisey handed him a set of keys and said something to the effect of, “Can you put these back in the bowl?” according to a police report.

The manager later recognized that the keys were for the ranch owner’s car and had been kept in a bowl in the owner’s kitchen.

Hallisey later showed up at another home on Watson Divide Road, where he allegedly tried repeatedly to enter the home, according to reports and testimony. A woman who lives in the home was alone at the time with her two young daughters and had to run through the house and lock a door just before Hallisey tried to open it, reports state.

He was later pulled over by deputies and arrested for DUI and the other charges.

Hallisey frequently shows up to court wearing an eyepatch either on his forehead or over his eye and often yells at the judge and prosecutor. He has referred to himself as “shaman” and told a judge in October that he is “not a normal human being.”

However, he’s been found competent to stand trial by mental-health experts at the state’s psychiatric hospital in Pueblo.

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