Judge issues warrant for Frommer

Charles Agar
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” A judge issued a bench warrant Thursday for Peter Frommer for fail­ure to appear at a debtor’s examina­tion in Van Nuys, Calif., but Frommer couldn’t make it out of town because of weather.

Frommer, who also faces charges in Aspen, expects the warrant will be rescinded. The judge set bail at $100,000.

Frommer was scheduled for a debtor’s examination and mediation Thursday in California to give evi­dence to Elite Aviation, to which he owes $ 126,000 after bouncing a $250,000 check.

“I feel completely justified,” Frommer said. “No one is able to leave Aspen.”

Aspen police arrested Frommer in January, but he claims he has paid off all of his in-town creditors except those he’s prevented from seeing because of a restraining order.

On Monday, Frommer will face charges in Pitkin County District Court for allegedly writing bad checks to area businesses, including the Hotel Jerome. He expects a con­tinuation at the coming hearing.

And while this week’s heavy storms trapped Frommer in Aspen ” as proof, he sent the judge a recent newspaper article about this week’s storm and flight cancellations ” that didn’t stop Judge Stanley Weisberg from issuing a bench warrant for Frommer’s failure to appear in Cali­fornia. Frommer also wrote the judge a letter of apology for his absence and asked that the warrant be lifted, but Peggy McGinn, a mediator for some of the complainants, doubted it would.

“I think it’s been recalled already,” Frommer said, though no source could confirm. “If [the warrant] does­n’t get recalled I will post it,” he said of the $100,000 bail.

Frommer is set to appear before Weisberg on March 14, and he said he plans to be there.

But McGinn said excuses and stall tactics are Frommer’s pattern.

“This is the fourth or fifth time,” McGinn said of Frommer’s failure to appear.

McGinn produced documents alleging $ 2.2 million in fraudulent investments from 14 California fami­lies, many of which lost their life sav­ings to Frommer, she said.

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