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‘Judea Declares War’: Dull and intellectually lazy

So what, exactly, is all the controversy about? What does “Judea Declares War On Germany” actually say about the treatment of the Jews by the Nazi regime?

The 72-minute video is a radical reinterpretation of the conventional wisdom. The video’s primary thesis is that Nazi-led Germany did not construct a system for killing Jews. Rather, World War II was the result of an aggressive move by German Zionists, collaborating with Great Britain, to topple the German government through economic collapse. (The title comes from a headline, in a British newspaper of 1933, describing worldwide Jewish efforts to resist Nazi affronts to Germany’s Jewish population.) Concentration camps were merely prisons for supposed enemies of the state ” not unlike those built in America, for people of Japanese descent. These camps, the film posits, were not instruments of death; Jews were treated fairly, provided with hospitals, libraries, post offices, even swimming pools. The primary cause of death was not malice, but typhus.

The evidence is flimsy at best ” photos of people in circumstances that were drab, but not horrific. At times, the proofs sink to the ludicrous. A serving of food ” meat, cheese, bread and coffee ” is shown, as an example of what Jews were provided to eat. It’s more than the average German, under siege by the Allies, was living on.

The main point that “Judea Declares War Against Germany” dwells on is that the Nazi machine ” the gas chambers, the crematoriums ” were inadequate to kill millions of people. The deliveries of coke fuel were not nearly enough to incinerate the bodies; the pits in which victims were purportedly burned were not suited to the task. An experiment is staged to make the point: Four telephone books are placed in a small pit and doused with gasoline. Torching them is difficult; ipso facto, burning human flesh must be a Zionist fiction.

Documentary filmmaking is unavoidably partisan, agenda-driven ” and unreliable. Even the most unbiased documentaries are examples of selective information and the assembling of a point of view. In this case, it requires a preposterous twisting of the evidence and narrative accumulated over six decades to cross over to the notions presented here. “Judea Declares War” ” a dull, intellectually lazy effort, rather than a sensationalistic one ” doesn’t come close to persuading one to make that leap.

And to buy the filmmakers more prosaic points, a viewer has to accept the fundamental assertion made here ” that Hitler had no plans to kill Jews, no designs on world domination. That he was a victim himself, and a decent enough man to make sure that his Jewish prisoners were looked after with an impressive measure of humanity. “Mein Kampf,” a document which leaves no doubts as to its authenticity, convinces us otherwise.

Airing this video wouldn’t present a viewpoint that is merely controversial and unpopular. It would serve to lower the standards of GrassRoots TV, so that decency, intelligence and honesty are no longer considerations in our public forum.

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