Join the pool tour |

Join the pool tour

Dear Editor:It’s time to blow some bubbles and get wet! Today (Tuesday, Aug. 7) at 5 p.m. bring your flippers, bathing suit, dreams and be prepared to give your input about what kind of outside swimming pool you want at the Aspen Recreation Center DIRECTLY to the new mayor and City Council.Do you want a wading pool, a flow rider, a swimming pool, diving and jumping off of cliffs, lap lanes, sunbathing or a combination of water activities? A 17-year dream will finally be coming to a reality with the new mayor and council. (Yippee!!) Happily, the new council is making a field trip to the ARC and wants to hear from all swimmers as to what kind of swimming pool should be built with tax payers money. See you there! Toni KronbergAspen