Join the crusade against Vick |

Join the crusade against Vick

Dear Editor:

What I would like to propose is a “Michael Vick Pinata Program.” I am going to give the Aspen Animal Shelter $10 for every sack of Michael Vick during the 2009-2010 football season.

I would hope that all of the Roaring Fork Valley animal lovers would join me in committing a few dollars for every time Michael Vick gets sacked to their favorite animal shelter or animal rescue shelter.

If you have friends in other parts of the country, please feel free to propose this idea to them to help support their animal shelter.

If you can e-mail, Facebook or Twitter your friends this thought, we could really make a difference for our local shelters or rescue. If you have some more ideas on this subject you can e-mail me at

I think that we can really send a strong message that just because Michael can make $10 million a year playing a game you do not have the right to abuse animals.

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