Johnson will guard Aspen’s history |

Johnson will guard Aspen’s history

Dear Editor:

For my entire adult life I’ve been involved in carefully selecting and supporting candidates for local, state and national political offices who reflect intelligent, thoughtful values.

On Aug. 10 we will vote in a primary election for a county commissioner, a Pitkin County sheriff, three unopposed re-election candidates, and a U.S. senator from Colorado.

My candidate for county commissioner is Jack Johnson. I supported Jack in his successful run for Aspen City Council, and believe his decisions were always made in the best interest of Aspen and its citizens. My ongoing fear is that everything Aspen represents to its residents and visitors is slowly but surely being erased. I and most of us who moved here, long ago or recently, are seeing the town’s history being eroded. I believe Jack Johnson is interested in preserving our history.

Jack is upfront, approachable, honest, humble, informed and intelligent. I am proud to be one of his many supporters.

Elizabeth Farson

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