Johnson will fight for Pitkin County |

Johnson will fight for Pitkin County

Dear Editor:

Both Jack and Rob are truly decent, respectable and committed candidates. We are fortunate to have two responsible persons in this beleaguered time in our history to step forward to serve.

So who do you choose? I believe you choose the person who has served and toiled in the trenches of the Planning and Zoning Commission agendas, looking out for the best long term interests of Pitkin County. Though Jack has already served on the City Council for four years, he has prepared himself for the county level by becoming familiar with the land use challenges presented in the Pitkin County process. In other words, Jack will hit the ground running.

Jack does not oppose development, but he is a firm believer in the growth controls in the Pitkin County Land Use Code, which have served our county so well over the years. You know when you have arrived in Pitkin County, as it has no resemblance to Eagle or Garfield counties’ sprawl. You can see how protected the Pitkin County valley floor is, and what a joy it is to travel throughout the county, and see how carefully all the neighborhoods have been planned.

There is a strong ethic in Pitkin County to protect the wild habitat. Jack was an early supporter of the Hidden Gems and Wilderness designation for those below tree line acreages, which are critical as calving and grazing areas for the wild creatures.

As a small business owner in Aspen, doing real estate, rental and property management work in all three of the Roaring Fork Valley’s counties, I have observed over my 38 years in the valley the stunning appreciation of property values over time owed in large part to the enlightened Pitkin County policies, which are so tuned in to and suited to the quality of life and lifestyle we have come to expect in our unique high alpine home. Jack is a proponent of the positive and far-reaching consequences of Pitkin County’s long standing and evolving philosophy.

Jack understands that the more we treasure and protect our land and key institutions, our way of life will continue to be sustainable and long lasting. Aspen, Snowmass Village and Pitkin County together are one of the few organized political communities in the world, which has a software, a program and a philosophy that drives our lives, and that is the unique Aspen Idea. Jack will be the best steward to oversee and keep alive and well the environment in which this idea is designed to inspire the whole person to thrive, not just survive, and continue to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

Jack is the embodiment of the Aspen Idea. Vote today for Jack for Pitkin County commissioner. He is our man.

Bill Stirling


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