Johnson ready to lead |

Johnson ready to lead

Dear Editor:Over 35 years ago, a courageous Pitkin Board of County Commissioners took unprecedented zoning action to scale back enormous growth pressures in the upper valley. Their farsighted, locally focused vision of “less is more” has enhanced our natural environment, quality of life and general community and personal wealth. Jack Johnson is totally in sync with these values. He knows that we can’t build ourselves out of our current economic challenges. Jack understands that his job is to govern our county by constantly applying these core values to the inevitable tough decisions that lie ahead. His experience from four years on Aspen City Council and four years between the Aspen P&Z and Pitkin County P&Z makes him immediately ready to deal with budget, housing, transportation and quality of life issues.Jack is the right choice on Nov. 2 for Pitkin County commissioner .Howie MalloryAspen

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