Johnson has excellent record |

Johnson has excellent record

Dear Editor:While there has been unfortunate coverage of Jack’s reportedly being sometimes unpleasant with his constituency, that is not the critical factor in choosing a county commissioner.The critical factor is – who is better informed on land-use matters, who does their homework on the issues, who does research on policy history, and who has an excellent record of addressing these issues in the public sector? That person is Jack Johnson.Pitkin County needs a commissioner well-versed in the matters that face us now and in our future. Jack Johnson is exceptionally well-versed in those matters, as I can attest from serving with him on Planning & Zoning Commission and the joint commission formulating the new Aspen Area Community Plan (and he has improved his demeanor in public dialog!).Jack Johnson will bring us sound policy judgment and good local government.James DeFranciaAspen

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