Johnson had his chance |

Johnson had his chance

Dear Editor:

Pitkin County is a business, and its budget and payroll are right up there with the top private businesses in the country.

We, as well as the rest of the country, are in a financial crisis.

Watching the current commissioners laboring over the budget and considering the hard decisions of which position to leave unfilled or which employee to let go confirms my opinion that we need a businessman on the county commission.

Rob Ittner runs a successful business. He supervises employees, he negotiates contracts (leases, etc.), he relates to customers, suppliers, government officials.

All of these skills are what we need in a county commissioner.

I supported Jack Johnson when he ran for City Council. I was disappointed in his performance on council. The voters agreed with me and did not re-elect Jack for a second term. Based on his record as a councilman, I cannot support him for commissioner.

That said, I must also say that I am upset with the negative campaigning recently. I believe that Rob had nothing to do with the attacks on Jack. That is not the Rob that I know.

We all live together in this little valley, and we should be able to debate (and disagree) without getting nasty.

We need citizens to step up and run for office, not career politicians. Negative campaigning will just turn off potential candidates.

Charles Hopton


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