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Johnson explains

Dear Editor: Bert Myrin (who is a licensed attorney) suggested at the Squirm Night debate that I may be guilty of a misdemeanor by claiming to be an architect despite the fact that I am not licensed to practice in Colorado. Bert Myrin (as a licensed attorney) ought to know better. But for everyone else who watched the Squirm Night debate or who read about it in the paper, I would like to offer an excruciatingly boring explanation. I am an architect. That is my training. It is how my mother describes me to her friends. I received a five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky, School of Architecture, in 1996. Following graduation I gained substantial practical experience in architectural design and construction. During my service on the Planning and Zoning Commission, I have frequently drawn on my education and practical training as an architect. I have not, however, ever solicited clients for architectural work, nor have I ever undertaken architectural work, which requires a licensed architect. My friend, a lawyer, tells me the Colorado statute to which Bert referred regulates licensed architects (Colorado Statutes 12-4-102(1)). The purpose of the statute is to protect the public against unauthorized, unqualified and improper practice of architecture (12-4-101). To effectuate that purpose, the statute prohibits architects who are not licensed in Colorado from using the title “architect” when “preparing plans and specifications for or construction contracts for the administration of any alteration, remodeling, or repair of any building” (12-4-115). I have never done so. The statute does not prevent people trained as architects from telling people (nor does it prohibit their mothers from telling people) that they are trained as architects. Under Bert’s theory, individuals trained as lawyers, accountants and real estate brokers, all of which are licensed professions in Colorado, would have to hide their training unless licensed in Colorado. While that might reduce the level of pontifications in the state, it is simply not the law. If you have any questions about my training, background or my positions on the many substantive issues in this election, please visit my website at Or call my mother. Jack JohnsonAspen

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